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2008 - 2010 Leconfield, East Riding of Yorkshire


21 Aug 08 - Moved to Leconfield UK.   Arrived in UK, Train to Lincoln where we pickup up my practical Car, (Focus) then arrived in a very sunny East Riding of Yorkshire. After 2 consignments arrived from Oman and one from storage in Carlisle, we embarked on unpacking, seeing family, a few short breaks and settling back into UK lifestyle. After several weeks getting the house sorted here are some photos of our new pad.

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focus.jpg (27583 bytes)maggie.jpg (326667 bytes) 15 Sep 08 - Maggie. Russ and Elli's car, one is a practical 5 door vehicle with space to load bulky items or seat up to 5 people comfortably, it has a reasonable insurance group with low servicing costs.....the other is not !


IMG_7948.JPG (1355189 bytes)IMG_7990.JPG (1144123 bytes)16 Oct 08 - Scotland! Having never really been to Scotland we caught the Train up to Edinburgh to see the sights. A must see was Edinburgh Castle of course (I got in Free with my ID Card), along with fine dining and Traditional pints. Also on the must see list was a tour round the Royal Yacht Britannia (4 discount with H M Forces ID Card), both events were Excellent and a must see for any travelers.  What did come as a surprise was the discovery of a WATSON tartan, displayed next to William Wallace'sIMG_7995.JPG (1267036 bytes)watson.jpg (52313 bytes) Cloth in many of the Scottish TARTAN shops was  Elli's Fathers  Tartan.



DSC00062.JPG (300387 bytes)23 Oct 08 - Eden Camp. Took Mum up to Eden Camp and the World War II experience. A fascinating collection Memorabilia and mock ups including the smells and sounds of WWII. A long 3 hour visit but well worth it, Mum reminisced at her childhood memories of life in the war.



blees.JPG (1202682 bytes)7 Nov 08 - Wellingborough.  Went to Wellingborough on the train and stayed overnight to meet up with Steve, Tracey and Jordan who were visiting the UK on a whistle stop tour for a Wedding. Great to see them.



18 Nov 08 - 3005XX84 AC Darlington. Karl Graduated from Recruit Training Squadron, RAF Halton on the 18th Nov. A crisp sunny November with blue skies allowed a fly over by the new Typhoon Fighter Aircraft. It was a great and a very proud day. Here are the photos taken to record the event.

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DSC00066.JPG (268326 bytes)DSC00053.JPG (68534 bytes)1 Dec 08 - Elli. Elli sporting her new top with a little camera technology and stuff puts her on the front page of this months Chique magazine as Model of the Year. Meanwhile Russ finally fount a offy that sold Carling Premier Extra Smooth Lager with a widget install, Definitely the best lager in the world.


XMAS 8 a.JPG (1081151 bytes)XMAS 08 b.JPG (330984 bytes)XMAS 08 c.JPG (351327 bytes)6 Dec 08 - Officers' Mess Christmas Ball. Both Karl and Kirsty were able to join us on our first Christmas ball back in England.



DSC00082.JPG (323017 bytes)8 Dec 08 - Mess Dinner. Due to our hectic lives, dinner in the Mess is a regular occurrence albeit sometimes a little lonely with more staff that the two of us put together!



17 Dec 08 - Sgts to Offrs. Hilarious start to the Office Party where a Christmas Carol competition between the Officers and our Guests (The Sergeants). What they didn't know, is their Carol sheets were written back to front after the first verse. Ours of course were not. Absolutely Hilarious watching them as they started on verse 2.  

 The Officers                     The Sergeants  


DSC00108.JPG (276808 bytes)DSC00109.JPG (321919 bytes)DSC00110.JPG (521037 bytes)DSC00111.JPG (520520 bytes)22 Dec 08 - Quarantine finished. Les Filles Molly and Chloe were picked up at Calais Port after 6 months in French Quarantine at Les Fittes. Our first time on Les Chunnel together with a timely Booze cruise, which didn't save that much due to the weak pound against the Euro and some French Camembert which I inadvertently placed next to the rear heating vent for the 7 hour journey back to Beverley!


IMG_8056.JPG (1180432 bytes)IMG_8065.JPG (1745164 bytes)DSC00112.JPG (390637 bytes)23 Dec 08 - Family Guests.  Steve, Naomi and Mum plus the 6 of us gathered for the festive season, lots of food (camembert from Tesco) drink and merriment. 


DSC00114.JPG (333382 bytes)5 Feb 09 - Poor Chloe. Chloe injured her Paw while chasing through the woods on an afternoon walk. She went from a bandaged up leg seen here to a Buster Collar which she wouldn't let us take a photo of as she looked stupid. 175.00 vet fees later she now has just a small bald bit. Thank God for TESCOs pet insurance.


IMG_8072.JPG (2075398 bytes)IMG_8075.JPG (993081 bytes)12 Feb 09 - Snow. Fantastic, at last a decent amount of snow. Dogs and humans loved it. Karl throwing a snow ball for molly to blast out of the sky with her lazer eyes. Meanwhile, Elli smoking Sheesha in the backround. 


DSC00115.JPG (389857 bytes)28 Feb 09 - Army Rations. Look closely at what's written on the Yorkie Chocolate bar issued in Army Rations. Someone at the MOD Food Services actually has a sense of humor!



DSC00122.JPG (347968 bytes)5 Mar 09 - Coal Fire and Port. Another night in the Mess for Dinner, this time finished off with a Cheese Board and a Glass of Port in front of the Coal Fire. Marvellous.



IMG_8146.JPG (1156928 bytes)10 Apr 09 - Race for Life. Hundreds of women running in Bridlington for Race for Life charity, Elli met up with one of her friends from Brid and they ran together along the coast. The pink sea of runners along the course 


IMG_8104.JPG (1296712 bytes)4 July 09 - Summer Ball. Picture of the Russ and the Ladies at the Summer Ball in 2009, organised by Russ as the PMC, based obviously around American Independence day, it was a great success that saw us all returning home while the birds were singing their morning chorus.



Yamaha_FJR_1300.jpg (101884 bytes)Oct 09 - Bikers. Finally after many many months of searching for the right year, low mileage, correct version and colour. Research of the best biker gear, Kevlar trousers (in Grey and Pink) re-inforced and armoured jackets, Intercom Helmets with central control unit to take SatNav, GSM, MP3 and Radio. Wet gear, warm underclothing and vents for hot rides, side paniers, tank bag and top box. It all took so long we only managed a few trips in England. Italy and Rome next year .....more to follow on our Yamaha FJR 1300 ABS.


DSC00116.JPG (359442 bytes)7 Mar 09 - Hornsea. With Hornsea just up the road, its great to get the dogs onto the beach and into the Sea, briefly as its freezing. Meanwhile Elli has developed a gambling habit in the push penny arcade, EVERY time were up there, she's found sat in font of these money making machines, pushing 2p into slots only to see them fly up and then fall down fountains and bounce on top of a pile, rarely falling into the winners shoot.


DSC00305.JPG (320942 bytes)7 Feb 10 - London. After the Air Traffic in Greece went on strike on the day we were travelling to Athens, we tried to get away-anywhere. Teletext was useless and we ended up have a great time in London and seeing some of the sights that we have missed out in recent years. You have to question the sanity of so called artists that display their wierd collections in the Tate Modern, a black box and porno on slide projectors, a pile of wood and rusty iron is NOT art. Get a real job! Me and Charlie got on very well in the Natural History.


Hunting Dogs.JPG (833586 bytes)1 Feb 10A successful Pheasant season for me, Chloe and our Master, a Brace for the Christmas table and the season finished off with a Hunters Pie and Sloe Gin. Me and Chloe only had the Pie of course. We can’t wait till this October.


DSC00317.JPG (368597 bytes)12 Feb 10. Pub Walks in East Yorkshire ISBN 978 1 84674 050 3, A book containing 30 pub walks in East Riding starting from a 1/2 miler up to 8 1/2 miles. Today we did Number 15 - Huggate. Only about 10 of the walks are country side orientated and therefore suitable for the dogs to run around. A great day out for all 4 of us.


IMG_8262.JPG (869179 bytes)20 Feb 10. Mums birthday, so we popped over to Manchester with Karl and we took her to visit Concorde G-BOAC at Manchester Airport



out_and_about.jpg (47639 bytes)10 Jan 10 - Published at last. Its taken quite a few years of research, driving, writing, designing and updating, including help from some of you guys, but its now out on the bookshelves. Currently only available online through books Arabia !!!! Out and about in Oman by Russ Darlington is priced at $30 it will soon be available for those in Oman/UAE it should be available in a good book store (!) and the Family bookstore Oman now and a bit cheaper than $30. How good is that.


053.JPG (55701 bytes)6 Feb 10 - P A R T Y. A dubious choice of entertainment in the form of Elvis for Sue's 60th, but a great get together for the family at Nidd Hall nr Harrogate.The next day we all met up at Pats before travelling back to all parts of England


DSC00319.JPG (287681 bytes)4 Mar 10 - Wooten Bassett. Personal pilgrimage to Wooten Bassett to see 4 of my unknown colleagues return back to the UK. A very difficult day but glad I went. Hats off to the people of WB and thoughts to the families of those 4.


6 Mar 10 - P A R T Y. A party due to our impending departure to Canada for 2 years. Family and friends came over and stayed in the Mess,  caterers provided our food in the evening in the bar with real fires and lots of drinks. Big Breakfast the next day and farewells to all those who came.

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