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  UK 2017 Winter Visit  


13-27 January 2017.   Visited UK for winter after spending Christmas in Saudi. After flying back with Mum, a new passport in Liverpool followed by a couple of days in Harrogate to see the Ridleys. A journey north to Calender near Stirling to see our good friends Sean and Karen before heading to Edinburgh to celebrate Russ's 53rd Birthday. South again to Richmond to see Friends and our home before York for a night out with Mel and Mick. South again to spend a couple of nights with the Crosses and then onto London for a spell before heading to Heathrow for our long flight home. A great time was had.       

Harrogate bound
Chris n Rachael
Bangers and Mash


Off to Scotland
Gin Tour


 Holyrood House
An old favorite, Edinburgh Castle, 22,000 steps on Galaxy Gear
Bedfordshire with the Crosses and a quick visit from Karl

Mick and Mel in York
Bond .... James Bond
 Sky Garden
Russ meets Trump at Madam Tussauds