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Sri Lanka
September 2016 - Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi

Night in Bahrain
Snob class darling
a-typical asia
Restaurant 360

Indian Oceoan
Hello iggy
Our Pool
Our Beach

Our Rock
Our Boat
River Cruise
Croc !

Cheeky Monkeys
V Big fruitbats
A bit pongy!

Fish Eagle
Monitor lizard
Safari Tick
Local Market

Lion Beer mmm
Our Garden
Cafe Bem
Our Squirrels

Galle Fort
Fibre Optic not
Fort walls
Centara Cub

Tuk Tuk
Wunderbar Hotel
Wunderbar Hotel
Famous Baba

Ceylon Bar
Dipping in the sea
Our last Day

Abu Dhabi
Shangri La

Top Tip for Sri Lanka:

A definite while in Bentota, the river cruise was on a private boat hired from Centara for 3500rp (£17) for both of us for 2 hours, perfect duration, our guide actually lived on the river so he knew everywhere to go, we saw tree frogs, tree snakes, crabs, big crocs, small crocs, fruit bats, kingfisher, fish eagle, iguana, BIG Komodo dragon lizards basking and in the banks, Cormorant Birds, Monkeys, Heron, yellow bird ........ very good