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Our pets have long gone but our memories are always fresh

4 June 16 - A sad day when we had to say farewell to our Molly. 14 3/4 years old, she had a good life with her sister. Born on a farm near Leicester on 23 Sep 2001, she lived first in Leicestershire then in Oman, France, East Riding, Canada, Yorkshire and Saudi Arabia. She swam in the Atlantic Ocean,  the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea, down the Saskatchewan River and in Lake Louise, Her final swim the day before we said bye bye in the Persian Gulf was tough but the only way to celebrate her life. Molly 2001-2016.

15 Nov 2014 - A sad day when after a short illness we had to say farewell to Chloe. She's made us smile, laugh and cry but never frown. She will be missed by everyone especially Molly who now has the Bed all to herself .... but she would gladly move over if she came home.

      Molly 2001 - 2016       Chloe 2002 - 2014     

Me and my little sister Chloe

My Name is Molly and for a Dog I think I type pretty well don't you? I enjoy swimming, doing my nails, chilling out, Chloe my sister enjoys biting, scratching hiding at bedtime and destroying things. I was born on 24 Sep 2001 and Chloe was born a year later on the 16 Sep 2002. Anyway enough typing now, my Paws are getting sore. Here are some Pics.

Out to the Canadian Prairies, lots of deer, wildlife, walks and swimming

Pheasant Season

1 Oct—1 Feb A successful Pheasant season for me, Chloe and our Master, a Brace for the Christmas table and the season finished off with a Hunters Pie and Sloe Gin. Me and Chloe only had the Pie of course. We can’t wait till this October.

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6 months quarantine in France. 
French quarantine allows regular outside exercise in a country location whilst serving a un-necessary 6 months detention. This is to allow any rabies to develop even though it actually only takes 2 weeks to show positive signs. Additionally, with our dogs having annual jabs, they are immune to rabies in the first place. Of course this is a UK rip-off industry and to top it all, UK quarantine has the dog caged for 6 months, totally cruel and un-necessary, the regulators should be ashamed of themselves.

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Ready to go       Les Fittes        Fat in Calais
On a 2 year Holiday in Oman

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Here we are again having just turned 6 and 5 years old in 2007

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Chloe aged 7 weeks and both growing up  !!
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Me aged 7 weeks .............and Big Girl 3 months ...........and me during the 2002 World Cup
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Fitz 1984-2001