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Our 25th Wedding Anniversary in the Maldives

MCT to DOH, DOH to MLE (Male, Pron Maalee), a 20min Speed boat transfer in Moderate to Rough seas with one passenger leaning over the side, shouting at the fish! We were both fine. Arrived on Dhonveli Island mid morning (Google Earth shortcut here), after a quick look-see on the island we retired for an afternoon nap. That evening the Holiday began.............
The view from our Veranda was amazing 175_7564.JPG (244862 bytes) Elli Chillin out 175_7565.JPG (178239 bytes)
We swam in amazing clear sea 175_7566.JPG (262987 bytes) Our next door neighbours moved in 175_7568.JPG (197981 bytes)
We had coffee on the terrace, 175_7570.JPG (233890 bytes) And a cloudy afternoon 175_7576.JPG (190233 bytes)
Elli did a tourist pose 175_7577.JPG (240599 bytes) Sea planes flew across the Bay regularly 175_7578.JPG (194084 bytes)
We started our day at the Pool 175_7583.JPG (270190 bytes) and caught some rays 175_7584.JPG (334763 bytes)
Our Personal Chef and Waiter for the night  175_7591.JPG (158501 bytes) Our Table in the Suite 175_7590.JPG (142052 bytes)
Happy Anniversary   175_7596.JPG (158568 bytes) Nice Tie   175_7600.JPG (143666 bytes)
Nice Cake  176_7603.JPG (211301 bytes) A keepsake picture    176_7612.JPG (156627 bytes)
Next day at the pool 176_7609.JPG (265166 bytes) Dudess.JPG (37031 bytes) Elli (dudess) popped off to do
somemore surfing



The Last Day, panic tanning and photos to remember

Went shoppin for pressies 176_7619.JPG (202822 bytes) Then to the Lagoon beach 176_7618.JPG (158986 bytes)
a last look at our Suite 176_7626.JPG (229291 bytes) and the bathroom 176_7629.JPG (170070 bytes)
The lounge for lounging around 176_7633.JPG (158944 bytes) Elli watching the footy 176_7634.JPG (158427 bytes)
the bedroom 176_7636.JPG (176959 bytes) the Sun Deck 176_7637.JPG (273735 bytes)
and again the sun deck 176_7638.JPG (277283 bytes) our everyday view 176_7639.JPG (164265 bytes)