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Our 30th Wedding Anniversary


A great day. Starting off at home, opening cards and gifts from family and friends, thankyou all. Russ had for months been busy arranging with Victoria Prints a commemerative picture which is now in the Hall. Finally revealed after which we soon traveled on the train to Edinburgh, we checked into our penthouse suite at 10 Hill Place Hotel with Chilled bubbly in the room ready for drinking.

First it was out to see some sights, a walk up Royal Mile, hilarious time at Camera Obscura followed by afternoon wine/pint at Deacon Brodies Tavern where we watched the hilarious and sometimes weird world go by.

Then it was back to the Hotel to get ready and head off. Our starter in Princess Street Gardens with the backdrop from the Castle was Salmon Taramasalata and vegtable dips washed down with ..... BUBBLY of course.  Then it was up for cocktails and main course at TGIs, fantastic food, fantastic atmosphere and fantastic cocktails, White Russian, Mai Tai, Singapore Sling, Red Ball 75, steak, rack of pork, chicken, shimp all served with that AMAZING JD Sauce. How could you follow a night like this, sheesha of course, where Hanams on Johnston Terrace until the lights were turned off and Edinburgh started to sleep.  


First Class train to Edinburgh   10 Hill Place Hotel   Camera Obscura Edinburgh   Edinburgh City   Princess Street Park