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Cars, Bikes and Boats !

1 suzuki__GT185 1981    UND  
  740 S 
1977 Suzuki GT 185cc. Got this from my sister Karen as she was a rubbish biker and kept falling off. Rode on a provisional licence, we often discarded the L Plates to travel around England 2up.  Great times. Sold it to Phil.
2 datsun_160j 1983     LIA  6135     
1978 Datsun 160 J. Our first car, started off a custard yellow but soon changed that adding go faster stripes. Crashed the front of this but repaired it quite niceley, think we scrapped it when we were posted to Germany.
3 AFV436 1984     00 FA 78       {army number plate} Wikipedia Link
circa 1960 Armoured Fighting (AF) 436 was the signals variant, fitted with a variety of communications incl UHF antenna, Laser target marker and a ton of other exciting equipment. This was my company car for 2 years.
4 alfa_romeo_alfasud 1984     TTY  61 B      {British Forces Germany number plate}
1980 Alfa Romeo Alfa Sud 1.5. A horizontaly opposed flat twin engine provided a unique Italian sound. Spun this in the snow on the autobahn when on route to UK christmas leave. Did a swap for the Talbot Horizon
5 talbot_horizon 1985    AER  66 B        BFC 720 Y 
1982 Talbot Horizion 1.1. Full body kit, this car was brilliant. Exported and re-registered in the UK, it served us well. First car we had to buy a child seat for. Sold privately on auto trader in '87
6 ford_granada_V6 1987     EGH 81 X     
1981 Ford Granada 2.3 V6, bought this as a damage repairable; wiring fire. Took months to re-wire and to be honest, was never really 100%, but got us to Germany where we quickly PX'd it for a Sierra.
7 sierra_20_GL 1988    B322  AJO     
1985 Ford Sierra 2.0 GL. An excellent car, now fitted with 2 child car seats. Great times and trips all over Germany until it was written off when I was rear-ended on the B1 highway in Soest. First car with 5 Gears !!
8 ford_sierra_2.0LX  1989   G  536 PYU     
New 1989 Ford Sierra 2.0 LX. Our first Brand new car ever, bought tax free to take back to the UK, didnt make any money but worked out zero cost. Sold it on Autotrader.
9 audi_80 1990   E  818  TTY     
1987 Audi 8O 1.8. An excellent car which was the first for Elli to drive after she passed here test. This is the car we stuck racing number 17 on to win a road rally. First car Elli slightly damaged and first car I didnt !!
10 Ford_Fiesta  1993   H  ???  ???     
1990 Ford Fiesta 1.0, This was Ellis first car which gave her freedom. It was plagued with problems from the start and was scrapped as it was beyond economical repair. Decided on a Japanese car as a replacement for Elli.
11 LHD_mondeo 1993  D  HF: EA 1112    
1990 Ford Mondeo, due to recent attacks on British registered cars in Germany, we bought this LHD German registered car. Really liked it and stayed with Ford Mondeos for virtually the next twelve years
12 Nissan_Micra 1994   J  ???  ???     
1992 Nissan Micra 1.0. Brilliant little car, very reliable. Elli's little run-around for a year before we left Germany for the last time. Sold this to a friend in UK military living in Germany.
13 opel_kadett 1995   J  ???  ???    
1992 Opel Kadett 1.6. Loosing Germany allowances and high UK petrol prices saw us down size. Elli backed this into another car outside the house in Sandhurst. Didnt really like this car. Sold it before our move to NI
14 Mondeo_lisburn 1997   M 544 KNL    
1994 Mondeo 1.8 LX. Brilliant car. We pottered around Northern Ireland and plenty of trips over the water in this great motor. Elli used it daily to travel into town to Greens where she worked.  PX'd when we got back to GB.
15 ford_mondeo 2001  GB  P 565 JVR   
1997 Mondeo 2.0 L. Again the mondeo was a brilliant car, had this for four years without any hiccups, most of those years spent taking the kids to football training again and again and again. Sold it to our neighbour.
16 lanos 2005  7659 | AM| ulac 
2000 Daewoo Lanos 1.6. Needed a car desperately so bought this to tie us over till we found our 4x4s. Made in Korea.  Sold it to our Maid who just passed her test. Our first Automatic car.
17 prado 2005  5469 |r r| ulac 
2000 Toyota Landcruiser Prado VX  3.4 V6. The tough VX is specifically designed for off road, this 4x4 took us all over Oman and beyond. Visitors, Camping, up a wadi or into the desert, never once let us down.
19 gulf_craft 2005  PSQ 177  
1995 Gulf Craft 24'. Fitted with two 115hp 2stroke out-board engines provided incredible speed. Named 'Tokolosh' she provided fishing, camping, water sport fun for family and friends. Sold her for what I paid.
18 daihatsu_terrios 2005  4858 |B Y| ulac 
New 2005 Daihatsu Terios 1.3SX 4x4.A chick 4x4 which Elli named 'Terri' Fitted with an automatic gear box, and electronic diff lock, Elli drove it without a scratch for 2 1/2  years. Sold it to an Omani, elli was not happy.
20 yamaha_thundercat 2006 yamaha_thundercat
2002 YZF600cc Yamaha Thundercat 600cc. Pretty scary riding a bike in Oman I have to say. Knocked off twice by muppet drivers. Sold to an expat
21 mgtf 2008  GB  KT 04 YRM   
2004, 1.8 MGTF. A Fanstastic little car in absolutely mint condition. You could drift this round round-abouts like you were the STIG. Pet name: Maggie. Sold this reluctantly to an MGTF dealer from Manchester.
22 focus 2008  GB  FV 54 GGX 
2004 Ford Focus, the practical car, for the dogs as well as Elli used this for work and clients. Russ walked to work every day. A nice car with low mileage in mint condition. Sold on Autotrader. The last manual we had !
23 yamaha_fjr_1300 2009   PO 54   
 GB  EKN   
2004 Yamaha FJR 1300, Took along time to find this bike, then to buy all the gear and the inter-comms system only to have to sell it due to the pending Canada Posting. Shame, a really nice bike with lots of biking plans.
24 jeep_compass 2010 Jeep Compass Canadian Registration
2007 Jeep Compass. Automatic CVT 7 gearbox, a great looking SUV it took us all over Canada, from +35 to -35, never really got the voice recognition to understand an English accent. Sold this to an expat :-(
25 Pontiac 2010 Pontiac registration canada
2005 Pontiac Sunfire GT. Nice car with a big engine, used this on a road trip to Victoria on the west coast. Very reliable and great fun. Rubbish in the winter, hence the 4x4. Sold this to a Kid in Medicine Hat.
26 vauxhall_astra 2012  GB  SC 09 BZV 
2009 Vauxhall Astra 1.8 Life Automtic, The practical car, used to carry the dogs around and trip around when theres more than 2 of us. Used by Elli for work and clients. A nice low mileage car.
27 Mercedes_Benz_SLK280 2012  GB  OV 06 EEY 
2006 Mercedes SLK 280. Supercharged 3 litre V6 with triptronic flappy paddle gear box, this is an amazingly fast car and sounds supercar. Both Russ and Elli enjoy driving it, both with our foot down.
28 2015
2012 Nissan Patrol SE. 5.8L V8 petrol Automatic. A Heavy weight of the 4x4 family that can push pull and bully itself around the Saudi Arabian roads. Russ's work car.
29 2015
2010 Toyota Landcruiser, 4.8 V6 petrol Automatic. Elli's ride for the duration, with our trusty driver Roopesh.
30 2018  GB  CK 15 LKN 
2015 Ford Kuga AWD. Ecoboost 1.5 l petrol engine with an automatic gearbox. A big car for a family of 4 (R&E plus two dogs).

16 Cars
6 4x4s 
3 Bikes
3 sports cars
1 Boat and a Tank !

  Total 30 Are we Petrol heads?